We provide services in Turkish, English and German. 

Independent External Audit Services

» Independent Audits according to Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority

» Independent Audits according to Capital Market Board Regulations

» Independent Audits according to Energy Market Regulatory Authority Regulations

» Independent Audits of Development Agencies

» Independent Audits of Projects, which are supported by the European Union and the Regional

Development Agencies

» Independent Audits in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards

» Due Diligence 

Tax and Certification Services

» Full Certification Services

» VAT Refund Services

» Domestic Production Status Certificate 

» Special Consumption Tax-Deferral-Abatement Services

» Investment Deduction

» Paid-in Capital/Reports of Capital Increase

» Certification of European Union based R & D Expenditures of TÜBITAK

» Other special certification services

Financial Consulting Services

» Institutional Tax Services

» Individual Tax Services

» Incentive and Exemption Services

» Free Zone Application

» Technopark and R&D Deduction

» Tax Convention

» Tax Disputes

» Review Services

» Financial Consulting for Overseas Company

Other Consulting Services

» Setup and Restructure of Accounting and Cost Accounting Systems

» Creation of Internal Control System in compliance with Public Internal Control Standards 

» Internal Audit and Internal Control Systems 

» Cost Control Systems

» Acquisition, Tax-free merger, Merger, Demerger of the companies 

» Review Services

» Capital Markets and Social Security Legislation

» Incorporation (foreign-domestic companies)

» Company Law and Accounting